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2007-08-09 - Cesenatico '07

Could I not post my holiday photos? Err, well, yes, I could. But I think these may be worth your time.

Photos of Cesenatico 2007

2007-07-20 - Il Metamondo

Youtube video: Il Metamondo

Beautiful video about freedom of the Internet (in Italian).

2007-07-20 - New Photography section

I've published the new Photography section, dedicated to the artistic (so to speak) shots done by me.

2007-05-11 - Ten years after the surpass

Few remember what happened on May 11th, 1997; however, that day happened a symbolic turn in history of mankind: exactly 10 years ago, chess world champion Garry Kasparov was beaten by the IBM Deep Blue supercomputer: that day, computational capacity of silicium symbolically surpassed that of the human brain (at least for what concerns logic and mathematical calculations). Since then, computer power increased by a factor of 100, following Moore's Law, and doesn't seem to stop growing.

At the current pace, in 20 years or so there will be enough computational power to emulate an human brain, neuron by neuron, factually allowing to create an artificial human being. Long before that, we'll have robots capable of simulating human behaviour in a more and more convincing way.

2007-04-23 - Updated links section

I've finally added the Graphics & Art links section.

2007-03-19 - How to kill cultural freedom off with digital television

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) just released a report on the status of the DVB project, which means what audio/video lobbies are preparing for tomorrow on digital television.

Let me summarize: content distributors will be able to decide, in a completely arbitrary way and beyond any law, that you won't be able to record contents, copy them, transfer them between devices or display them outside a precise geographical location (i.e. your Country, your State, your living room); it will also be possible to force the user to throw away non-appreciated receivers and negate him the right to watch something more than N times or after a certain date, etc.

These techniques, differently from what they want us to believe, are completely uneffective against organized piracy; their one and only purpose is to control the market and to annihilate the right of a free cultural formation by legitimate users, so that they can be converted into a milking herd.

This sets the bases for an indiscriminated censorship and to a total cultural control . A video is politically unpleasant? It ceases to exist and whoever recorded it will see its copy crumble into dust. A movie isn't transmitted in your country for economical reasons, or production is stopped? It's theoretically impossible to recover a copy. I could continue for long.

Once again, I invite everyone by heart to read the (not long and definitely not boring) EFF report.

2007-03-06 - SDLSee 0.1.5 and navfs 0.1.6

SDLSee 0.1.5 Changelog

  • updated to navfs-0.1.6

navfs 0.1.6 Changelog

  • API and ABI compatibility with version 0.1.5 has been broken
    • Changed navfs_list structure. It's a bigger now, but a lot more manageable.
    • LS_SIZE, LS_DISK_SIZE, LS_ATIME, LS_CTIME have been removed and are now always on
  • Humongously improved the speed of file list sorting (from 40ms to 3ms on a directory with 1000 files)
  • Added navfs_sort(), navfs_find() and navfs_find_next() to API
  • Fixed a potential stack overflow when dealing with very long file names
  • Fixed some memory leaks

2007-02-16 - SDLSee 0.1.4 and navfs 0.1.5

After "only" 15 months from the last reported activity, here come new versions for SDLSee-related packages. A lot of critical bugfixes have been applied.

Sources, binaries and Gentoo Linux ebuilds are available in the downloads section.

SDLSee 0.1.4 Changelog

  • now working with 7.0 and later (renamed poll() to event_poll() to avoid replacement of standard function)
  • now quits correctly if no images are found in a directory
  • fixed support for files bigger than 2GB
  • updated to navfs-0.1.5
  • replaced bzero() with memset() for POSIX compliancy
  • redirected debug output to stderr
  • noresize-min now defaults to 0.98 instead of 0.90 (i.e. if you've got a 1280x1024 monitor, the largest image that won't be automatically resized to fit will be 1306x1045)

navfs 0.1.5 Changelog

  • Removed dependency from vartypes.h
  • Fixed support for files bigger than 2GB
  • Fixed segmentation fault in navfs_ls
  • Fixed infinite loop in navfs_ls(LS_SORTED) when opening directories containing no files or only subdirectories
  • removed option LS_64 (now automatically active)
  • Windows version is now reentrant too (NEEDS TESTING)
  • API and ABI compatibility with version 0.1.4 has been broken

2007-02-04 - Beryl screenshot and Haibane Renmei wallpaper

Guess what, I'm not "upgrading" to Vista.

Beryl 0.1.4, Xfce 4.4.0, GKrellM 2.2.10, Mozilla Firefox 2.0, Audacious 1.2.2, Gentoo Linux.

Wallpaper: Haibane Renmei

[1280x1024] (211 kB)

© Yoshitoshi ABe
From Haibane Renmei (灰羽連盟) Blue Flow ED single.

[2291x1400] (602 kB)
[1920x1200] (433 kB)
[1680x1050] (355 kB)
[1600x978] (322 kB)
[1280x782] (227 kB)
[1024x626] (160 kB)

2007-01-14 - Hellsing wallpaper

From Hellsing.

[1280x1024] (325 kB)
[1024x768] (179 kB)
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