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2005-12-23 - Converted the website to XHTML and UTF-8

From today this website is fully XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant; the character encoding has become UTF-8. Several issues have also been fixed.

2005-12-15 - Ghost in the Shell wallpaper

© Shirow Masamune
Cleanup of a scan of the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex OST 2 booklet cover.

[1024x768] (60 kB)
[1024x768, detail] (80 kB)
[1280x1024] (94 kB)
[1600x1200] (133 kB)

2005-12-02 - ph34r t3h cut3 on3s r3du><

I've uploaded two of my latest artworks and heavily rewritten the website boxes rendering engine. Now it's much more modular and features complete thumbnails support.

2005-12-01 - Anime review: Elfen Lied

I've added the Anime section and inaugurated it with a review of Elfen Lied - Italian only for now, sorry.

TV Serie(13 episodes of 25 minutes each)
Genre:Horror / Drama
Age rating:16+ (extreme physical violence, psychological violence, integral nudes)

Human beings fall into pieces like broken dolls. A murderous beast sleeps under your very roof. The villain is in turn a victim. A passionate kiss leaves in your mouth an overwhelming taste of blood and death.
Complete review (con trailer cinematografico).

2005-11-09 - Screenshots

Long time no see... I've been really busy during last month. I've added a new Screenshots subsection to Art. It's not much, just to say that I'm still alive.
I've fixed a nasty bug that interfered with external links.

2005-10-01 - Updated SDLSee and two more styles

I've released updated versions of SDLSee and all its dependencies, now featuring automake support and Gentoo ebuilds.I've also released two more styles for the website that ROCK. Run see them!

2005-09-21 - oGame semitransparent skin

I've released Lucid Blue, a very cool semitransparent skin for oGame. It does NOT support Internet Explorer due to the browser's leaks in CSS handling.

2005-09-18 - navfs bugfix

I've fixed a bug in navfs that prevented it to work correctly with paths containing special characters (i.e. '&'). I've also released a new binary version of SDLSee containing the updated library and fixed a bug in the website browser counter.

2005-08-23 - SDLSee trivial update

I've corrected an idiotic bug in SDLSee that prevented the i386-generic binary package to work.

2005-08-15 - SDLSee, navfs & libprefs

Question: What do you do when you're locked for two weeks in a mountain house far from anything, your luggage containing only a book about Math Analysis part II and a six-years-old portable PC and you've got no internet connection?
Answer: You finish writing those programs that had been sitting on your hard disk for nineteen months and you feel like an idiot because you finally notice that you could have finished them long, long before.
So, I finally publish with (little) pride SDLSee, my "bigger" and - incredible to say - most useful project: a complete image viewer & browser that fits in around 60kB.
Together with SDLSee, I'm publishing as well some support libraries that are useful by themselves: libprefs, that should alleviate the pain of one of the worst Viae Crucis in a C programmer's life ("read that damned config file"); navfs, a file system abstraction layer that simplifies the implementation of any file browser-like application and - last but not least - vartypes.h, a C header that is IMHO critical for any application that is supposed to be portable. Alas, since I couldn't access the Internet, I could't write the files needed by autoconf & automake that are required by Gentoo Linux; however, I want to write them as soon as possible.
ICanSee Linux, a micro distribution worth a handful of MB that allows to transform any piece of junk-- I mean, aged computer into an image viewer, will be available soon. If, obviously, the wish to work won't fade too early...
As usual, bug reports, comments and constructive critics are extremely well accepted.
P.S. While I was there (two weeks are long), I furtherly improved the site layout and added two new styles and the browser usage percentage to the access statistics page. I also added the Dumpster downloads section, the Anti-spam HTML escapes generator and Squarizer web applications and WAV Generator.

2005-07-26 - Added alternate website styles

Alternate styles for the website are now available in the sidebar! "Marble" is a delight for the eyes... provided that you're NOT using Internet Explorer.

2005-07-17 - More redesign...

Now the Documents and Downloads sections have been updated to the new site style, too, as well as the sidebar.

2005-07-15 - Website redesign

I've completely converted the website contents to XML. Plus, now the News and Art sections have a completely new skin!

2005-07-09 - New wallpaper available

© Kern
Edited from the webcomic Drowtales: Moonless Age.

[1024x768] (288 kB)

2005-07-07 - Now 100% CSS based

I've completely redone the website. Now it's 100% CSS based and supports variable font size.
As an immediate consequence, compatibility with Internet Explorer has worsened. Don't use it. Seriously.

2005-07-06 - Europe is Patent Free

The European Parliament has voted against Software Patents, with 648 unfavorable votes against 14 favorable and 18 abstained. This is a great success for freedom of thought as well as technological and economical progress. Full article here.

2005-06-16 - New section: Web Applications

I've added the Web Applications section and corrected the RSS feed.

2005-06-13 - Improved visits counter

I've greatly improved the visits counter! Now with access statistics.

2005-06-05 - Added RSS feed and improved the downloads section

Added an RSS feed, improved the download section and fixed a minor website bug using Opera.


Website redesign!

2005-05-13 - New Megatokyo panel

New content in the Art->Drawings section. This was incredibly fast (less than 4 hours).


Added The Game of Life for SDL and enhanced the CSS and Internet Explorer compatibility.


Added a visits counter.


Updated TLKTools. Now with improved diff checking support.

2005-01-25 - Usamm Heriuth-Moryaa

Finally! 3 days of drawing, 3 weeks of editing and 5 months of lingering on my hard disk... the ultimate Usamm's portrait is HERE!
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