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The previous version of KY-MinGW had serious problems to MSYS and Make that made it just a piece of junk. The new release has been repackaged from scratch and is based on the Dev-C++ package system in order to reduce the size of the main distribution. The bug in make preventing projects generated by Dev-C++ to build is still there.


New release of the KY-MinGW suite; it contains lots of updates and fixes.
Unfortunately, there is a bug in make (also present in the first release) preventing projects generated by Dev-C++ to build. Refer to KY-README.txt for a workaround.


BIG news!
I've uploaded my new, shiny MinGW complete development suite package, featuring updated versions of MSYS, Dev-C++, Insight, SDL and much more... The only defect is the size: 34Mb... but it's worth it.
And since I've finally got (again) a Windows compiler to work with, I've also uploaded Windows builds as well as new versions of almost every package!


Updated italian content.


I've updated the downloads page by adding SDL_buffer, a SDL support library for image viewers (like SDLSee, that I'll release soon).


In gAIa 0.1.1-pre5 has been fixed a critical buffer overflow: half of the neurons were uninitialized, and the other half were overwritten. The new version also features a brand new random engine (optionally based on OpenSSL).


New gAIa release (but it still doesn't work), as well as some fixes in the PHP sources.


I've uploaded some little but useful programs I did.


My three main projects are now available for download from the Downloads page. The Projects page (with the projects descriptions and screenshots) isn't ready yet.


The site has been completely rewritten in PHP! Now it automatically recognizes the user's language.

I've uploaded the photos of a fantastic LAN party to which I've taken part last Friday... from 6:00PM to 5:00AM playing Half-Life: CounterStrike!


I've done many changes to the layout. It's becoming close to digital perfection... ;)
I've also added some documents to the Italian page, including "The Safe User's Decalogue" (in Italian), one of my papers I care most about.


Finally updated! I've changed my logo and my GPG key.
I've also rewritten from scratch the whole site with a text editor. Now it's W3C compliant.
With some luck, in the next few days I'll also create the other pages. Finally, hosting has changed. Now I can distribute executables and link internal pages; I also have 200mb of space, all for free thanks to AlterVista. The only drawback is that I have to write every page both in English and Italian.
Please update your bookmark! Now the address is


The home page is up and running... just wait a bit for the other ones...
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