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The RSS/Atom newsfeed

RSS/Atom is a protocol that allows you to keep in track with the news on a website... without opening it. To read a RSS/Atom newsfeed you need a RSS/Atom client. Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird both support it; there are lots of other dedicated newsreaders you can use, depending on your tastes. Some stay in your your system tray and alert you immediately whenever there are unread news.

To read the RSS/Atom newsfeed using Firefox, click on the icon RSS/Atom icon in Firefox that appears at the top of your Firefox window, just right of the address bar: this will add a "Live Bookmark" among your Bookmarks; you will then be able to read the latest news about this site by simply opening it from the "Bookmarks" menu.

If you want to use an external RSS/Atom reader, you'll have to feed it with this link instead:
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