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MinGW all-in-one package

Full featured gcc development suite for Windows with one-click installation process.

  • gcc 3.4.5 (C, C++, Java, Fortran, ADA, Objective C)
  • MSYS 1.0.11-20071204
  • Dev-C++
  • MinGW 3.14
  • Most of the GNU toolchain and the most common libraries and development tools. Full packages list.

Self-extracting archive

KY-MinGW-20080213.exe (63.60 MB) [2008-02-16]

Extra packages

To install with PackMan.exe.

Graphical debugger

Insight-20030920-ky1.DevPak (4.21 MB) [2003-12-12]


MySQL-4.0.16.DevPak (340 kB) [2003-12-12]


Win32_API_Reference-ky1.DevPak (4.69 MB) [2003-12-12]
glibc_API_Reference-2.2.x-ky1.DevPak (1.30 MB) [2003-12-12]
OpenGL_API_Reference-ky1.DevPak (607 kB) [2003-12-12]
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