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2006-03-11 - ARIA The Animation

The row of a gondola glides on the canals, caressing the sleepy water.
review by CRV§ADER//KY


Original title:アリア
Release year:2005
Genre:Slice of Life
Age rating:0 - 99
Duration:25 minutes

Released in:Japan
Dubbed in:Japanese
Subtitled in:English (Crystal Nova)

Note: The vote on "Audio" always refers to the original Japanese dub. There could be distributions, official dubs or fansubs that I don't know about. In any case, know that downloading a fansubbed anime episode is probably a criminal violation in your country (if it isn't yet, it will very likely be soon) and could cause your house to be stormed by anti-terrorism troopers, your ass sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars, some years in jail, your mom insulted, etc. If you really just want to watch some piece of art you could never be able to watch otherwise, go on. I don't have the power to stop you from your anti-corporate foolishness.


Overall rating (not a mean): 7.7


In the future, Mars has been terraformed thanks the creation of oceans. In Neo Venezia, a touristic city built as a replica of Venice, three young girls train to become gondola rowers.


No, seriously. That's the plot. Don't expect shocking twists, planetar disasters, epic combats and steel robots: there aren't any. The whole story consists in lots of small flashes of ordinary life, taken on a breathtaking background.

ARIA The Animation is a delicate, sweet comedy, excellent to be watched sitting deep into the sofa after eigth hours of school/office, when you're too tired even to think. Some could find it soporific, and maybe it is a bit (deliberately), but it could be worth to dedicate half an our of your free time to it. It will surely please the youngest.

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