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A foreword about reviews

This section is dedicated to the reviews of a selection of japanese cartoons (commonly known as anime) and comics (manga) that I've seen/read.
Before anybody wonders, no, I don't usually give out insanely high score ratings. However, a full review takes several hours of my time and I simply don't feel like writing it if I'm not in awe for what I'm reviewing. I also prefer to review not-well-known animes - so you'll hardly ever read here about mainstream titles like Neon Genesis Evangelion or Cowboy Bebop - even if they're masterpieces, too.

You may also notice that some reviews are only partially translated to English. I sincerely apologize for that, but my time is limited and I often can't afford to do the job twice. I promise I'll translate them eventually.

You may find a comprehensive list of all the anime and manga i've seen (with votes) or that I want to see on Anime News Network.

2006-05-01 - Witchblade

TV serie(24 episodes of 24 minutes each)
Age rating:13+ (physical violence)

Beware of a mother that has to protect his child, as you may find yourself facing a beast.
Complete review.

2006-03-18 - Narcissu

Non-interactive visual novel
Age rating:16+ (psychological violence)

Life drips between one's fingers, as cold dew on blindingly candid narcissus petals. A last trip for two young people whose fate has already been written.
Complete review and download link.

2006-03-11 - ARIA The Animation

TV serie(13 episodes of 25 minutes each)
Genre:Slice of life
Age rating:0 - 99

The row of a gondola glides on the canals, caressing the sleepy water.
Complete review.

2006-02-01 - The Place Promised in Our Early Days

Movie(91 minutes)
Genre:Fantasy / Romance
Age rating:5+ (minimal violence in a couple of scenes)

A tower stands out on the horizon, so high to get lost in the sky. The melody of a violin dissolves among the clouds. Three young fellows are binded by the same goal. An incoming war risks to separate them. A girl's dream, lasting for years, melts with those of the Universe.
Complete review (with trailer).

2006-01-02 - Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Rumbling Hearts)

TV serie(14 episodes of 24 minutes each)
Genre:Drama / Romance
Age rating:13+ (non-obscene nudes, unexplicit sex scenes)

Love, that of the adults. A young woman wakes up after three years of coma, unknowing of the passed time. A torturing play is set up to hide her the truth. Those feelings, that should remain buried, wake up and become a storm that confuses and destroys.
Complete review.

2005-12-01 - Elfen Lied

TV Serie(13 episodes of 25 minutes each)
Genre:Horror / Drama
Age rating:16+ (extreme physical violence, psychological violence, integral nudes)

Human beings fall into pieces like broken dolls. A murderous beast sleeps under your very roof. The villain is in turn a victim. A passionate kiss leaves in your mouth an overwhelming taste of blood and death.
Complete review (con trailer cinematografico).
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